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Hot Chocolate Design
Shoes & Bags


Founded by Carolina Aguerrevere & Pablo Martínez in 2004, Hot Chocolate Design emerges into the Venezuelan market as a fresh and innovative accessories brand, based on the consumers need of fleeing away from the uniformity and creative rigidity provided by mass produced brands.

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Always wanted to click your heels three times like Dorothy? We have heels and flat chocolaticas shoes for your selection (and collection) in various colours and designs.


Let’s Wear it LOUD! stocks Hot Chocolate Design Chocolatica shoes with designs including anything from cherries to flowers, galaxies, bows, peacocks, dragonflies, and bears. New designs are released every few months and existing styles are not always restocked. If you find a pair you like, in your size, grab them you may not see them again.


Let your imagination run wild with the range of peacock flats shoes or peacock heels shoes, while they are still available and be inspired every time you wear them. Apart from the fun designs, the most outstanding feature is that the two shoes don’t always look identical because who has time to be ordinary, right?


Why not browse our Hot Chocolate shoes and try them; soon, you will be addicted to their unique style and comfort, just like many of our return customers.

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