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Circle Wrap Skirt in NZ


97% Cotton + 3% Spandex

  • Front Overlaps with Curved Edge.

  • Long ties to tie back or front

  • Matching Wired Dolly Bow Headband also available

Suitable for Retro or Vintage Wear, Rock n Roll Dancing, Rockabilly, Pin Up or Everyday Wear. 


Another Original Retro Design & Made by Let's Wear it LOUD! in New Zealand

Our charming circle wrap skirt is made in NZ and perfect for rock ‘n’ roll dancing or everyday wear. This pin-up skirt comes in four prints (more fabrics added weekly), including vintage polka dot, rocking red roses, and feminine floral designs. Our full-circle skirts have curved waistlines and hems with a fabric belt for a front or back bow tie, creating a soft silhouette that cinches at the waist.


Add 50’s flair to your wardrobe with these rockabilly skirts that feel soft and comfortable with lots of flowing fabric that spins elegantly through the air. 


More About Our 50’s Circle Wrap Skirts


  • 97% cotton, 3% spandex - this rich cotton blend is soft and breathable in all seasons.

  • Full circle pattern - a retro skirt cut that creates a feminine silhouette with ample fabric.

  • Overlapping front wrap - rounded fabric edges at the wrap adds detail to the design.

  • Black tulle petticoat - adds volume at the base of the skirt for a wider circle.

  • Waistline ties - tie a bow at the front or back of your outfit for extra vintage charm.

  • Available in sizes XS-XL - rock ‘n’ roll skirts look luxurious on any body!


Buy a Wrap Skirt in NZ


There is nothing more iconic than a 1950s circle skirt. NZ has a thriving rockabilly community that our local store loves to support - shop our retro styles online for reliable delivery nationwide.

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